Miles Racing - Three Laps Underground Racing Series

The story goes back almost 30 years. In case of snow we met frequently with our normal touring bikes on the local basketball court to do snow speedway races in a small tasteful round among friends. Nothing official, just for us and just to pass the time. The rules were simple. Everyone stood in line at the starting. One gave the commando and the race was on. It was not an easy game to get speed with those slippery touring tires on snow, but it was an important issue to get the holeshot and get the lead into the first corner. The route was easy and the rules simple. We raced around the poles of the basketball court. Extended elbows where part of the game and crashes happend quite often, but these races were pure fun! Winner was the one who cross the finish line first after „three laps“ of racing!

Just as fun and relaxed racing can be and this is the reason why Miles Racing brings back the "Three Laps" racing series. These underground sessions are dedicated to those races of the good old days, during a time nobody cared about leightweight and tech materials. It was only the pure fun in mind.

Just a little Facebook post on the Miles page announced this little session. It should stay a little race and not turn to a festival, so the after the first twelve riders signed in, the application got stopped. The day before the race all participants were given the coordinates for the meeting by e-mail, and "voila", on the 1st of May it was time to rock. They met at a parking area on the edge of the Deuringer forest, somewhere in Bavaria. Like I said, it should have been a secret session , but the jungle drums were not completely silent and although brought the rumor to some spectators. Unfortunately for those who showed up with bike, because those just got mobilized to participate. Only with a medical certificate you were going to get out of the number, otherwise you had to join the race. Even some local bike prominece attracted this little happening. Markus Widmann from Cope bikes checked by with daughter and although Marco Mitko from the Transition distribution.

To ease up the regulations the whole field of riders were starting in the same class. Novice old farts, girls and pros meet the same route under the same conditions and circumstances. No discussions follow, everyone seemed relaxed. Since none of the track was previously known, the racing mopeds were selected differently. From marathon fully up to the freeride bike, everything was practically at the start.

Frank Heinrich from Miles Racing announced briefly the rules and for the next hour the track was open for everybody to do some and work a bit on the flow.

The route was a man-made track with small jumps, peppered with root passages and lots of berms. Just perfect for some kind of a freeride or enduro bike. After a short straight to get speed, the line it went straight into the dark forest. The small step down got followed by some berms. Who had mastered the rooty part in the forest, was awarded to a glade with more berms. Overall it can be said, we are talking about a technical fun track. With the right flow it was fast to ride,, but the skilful interplay between sensitive braking and accelerating should ultimately decide about victory.

The start-up phase was relaxed and turned already out to a dignified session. It's hard to explain that certain flair with words, but to convey the mood a little, I would say that the light reggae sound of Bob Marley would have been fit perfectly in the mood of that happening.

While some were still trying to figure out the ideal lines others where just realxing in the sun

Gradually, you noticed that the participants were ready for the actual happening.

Of course, most were riding just for fun, but obviously on the other side obviously everybody wanted to know where he could classifie. And there is always sitting this little gene in each man, which is hot for competition. Therefore it was time to start. The rules said, that each competitor had three runs.

At the end, only the fastest lap counts. To capture the times accurately, most simple technical instruments were used. Who says men are not capable of multitasking are wrong. With Swiss precision Frank Heinrich served the walkie talkie and the time measure app at the same time. The first starter got called. "Is Dominik ready?" Was radioed up to the start. "Driver is ready," was the replied. "Rider ready, get set, go" and Dominik Dierich entered first into the race and rumbled through the thicket of the forest track. When he came into the glade of the forest and drove into the first visible curves you could tell already that someone was quick already. With a time of just over 30 seconds, the first reference time was set.

Not everyone made it as good through the technical forest part, so some little crashes were part of the game. But nothing dramatic. Ironically, many sailed just after crossing the finish line in the moss. Was the reason the short run out after the finish line? Well, yes, but same rules for all!

The first round already showed a larger time range among all participating, but none seemed to see the race too ambitiously. You just saw the fun the people had after the entered the finish line with a big smile.

Even Uwe Bartesch, which was quickly aquired as a photographer, put his equipment on hand to take part in the race himself. By the way, he was hunting a podium place.

The following two runs were as realxed as the session before. After overall two hours of tight racing, all competitors had completed their runs and the winner could be determined. All participants made themselves comfortable in the glade. The positions of all competitors were announced. Winner of the first Miles - Three Laps Racing session was Dominik Dierich, closely followed by Tom Burggraf and Mark Bihler. Overall it can be said, it was a race that can hardly be more relaxed and therefore it is now established, a certain race will follow. So better be onlie, maybe the next race is in your surrounding!



1 Place - Dominik Dierich (Cope)

2 Place - Tom Burggraf (Project West Woods)

3 Place - Mark Bihler (aka Don Joy)


Pictures: Uwe Bartesch